Wellness treatments


Physiotherapy Massage/Sports Massage

Physiotherapy massage can relieve muscle tension, headaches, back pain, stress, sports injuries, work injuries. 
Regular massage offers greater energy and is a good supplement to other therapies.

The massage relieves pain in sore muscles, it activates the body's own immune system
and makes it easier for the body to excrete waste products. This results in greater movement in muscles and joints.

25 min  kr 300,-

55 min kr. 500,-

Deep relaxation massage:

Deep relaxation massage is a more gentle and soothing massage which makes you sink into a deep, 
inner silence and allows you to feel the body and emotions more intensely and vividly. 
We recommend min. 1 hour of treatment.

25 min kr. 300,-

55 min kr. 500,-

25 min kr. 275,- (children from 3 to 12 år)

Hotstone Massage

Hotstone massage is a wonderful sensory experience that provides deep relaxation and
wellbeing. The warm lava stones are placed at specific locations on the body for optimum balance. 
The body lubricated with oil and massaged with hot stones. You will sink into your body and be nice 
and relaxed on top of this treatment. We recommend 1 ½ hours of treatment.

55 min. kr. 550,-

80 min. kr. 750,-

Cranio sacral teherapy:

The Craniosacral system consists of bones of the skull, spine and sacrum, and brain and spinal fluid, 
meninges, membranes and connective tissue. The liquid is needed so the brain cells can get nutrients 
and excrete waste products, while a protective effect on the central nervous system. 
All tissue pulsates in a symmetrical and steady rhythm, called the cranio-sacral rhythm. 
The therapist works on the whole body, but

Especially on the skull, face, spine and pelvis. The Craniosacral therapy is a gentle 
and very thorough treatment, whose primary goal is to correct imbalances and 
improve the craniosacral system function and thereby create and maintain a healthy
and balanced state at all levels.

55 min. kr. 550,-

80 min. kr. 750,-


The face peeled with Munkholm face scrub that cleanses in depth. After a relaxing facial and scalp massage. 
Your skin will be clean and facial muscles relaxed. We recommend that you come without makeup.

25 min kr. 300,-

Deluxe - facial cure is supplemented by soothing clay mask and massage of the hands and feet.

55 min kr. 500,-


The cure starts with a nice warm foot bath with soothing salt from Munkholm. After a nice scrub of the feet 
and lower legs that enable good blood circulation. The cure finishes with a relaxing foot massage.

55 min kr. 500,-

Deluxe - foot cure is supplemented by wrapping the feet in moisturizing cream and a lovely hand massage

55 min kr. 500,-