Wellness Department

 Our wellness department consists of:


1) Wellness House ...

which is a couzy small wooden house with 2 Treatment rooms and a waiting room.
The house are tastefully decorated and we have tried to create a calm and relaxed
where we also play relaxing and soft music.

We ask our guests to be quiet and speak softly when they are in the wellness house.


The fitness area ...

In the outdoor fitnessarea we have 8 fitness machines for your convenience.



3) The swimming pool ..

... is 6x 12 meters and is 1.5 meters deep.
A nice covered swimming pool for the period 1/5 through week 42 is open during most
of the period, 25-28 degrees warm water. The cover makes a gives a 100% running time
for the opening period.

If the sun is shining we open the cover up on both sides, then it won’t be too hot.
And when you'er not swimming, there is ample opportunity to lie on the sun beds outside
of the pool and sunbathe.

There is no lifeguard at swimmimgpoolen and children must be able to swim to be alone
in the area.

4) Spa...

... Is always 38 degrees hot and is incredibly popular regardless of the weather.
Here you can enjoy the warm water and bubbles 365 days a year
and if you are on a cure this is where we also serve fruit and champagne.

Until 3 p.m. you can freely use the spa, thereafter you must make a reservation
(done at the reception) and then you have it all to yourself.

The spa pool can be started 2 times per hour at full and half and run for 15 min.
Then, the spa is vacated because the water in the next 15 minutes. Needs to be cleaned

and have peace. This is to ensure a high hygiene standard and always 100% pure water.

The spa is permitted to use for both children and adults, but it is not permitted for
children to play at the spa - it belongings to the swimming pool.

 If you feel like giving yourself a treat it is possible

to buy fruit and champagne dkr. 85,- and have it served by the spapool.

5) The sauna...

 ... Is open from 9 am to 9 pm and can be used freely.
Ask the reception to turn on the sauna  45 minutes  before you want to use it. 
It is required to wear swimwear in the sauna.