Swimmingpool, sauna and spa

Dreng i poolen


Our lovely covered swimming pool has lots of space to splash around.

Here, the water is always 25 degrees warm and there is absolutely no wind - so it can’t get much better!
The depth of our children's pool is 30 cm, and in the large pool 150 cm. 
There are sun loungers, tables and chairs that everyone can use.

 Practical information:

  • The swimming pool is open from May 1st to approx. November 1st.
  • For hygienic reasons, please leave your shoes outside the entrance to the pool. Shelves are mounted here for this purpose.
  • The area inside is a bare-foot area; however, indoors sandals are allowed.
  • Remember that there must be room for everyone, so be considerate of each other.

Spa hygge

The spa is right next to the pool and is open all year (except closed in January)

The spa is open from 9:00 to 21:00 from March 18th to October 24th. Up until 15:00 you can
freely jump into the spa without booking. Afterwards you mustbook time in the spa at the reception -
and then you will have it all to yourself. The spa may be busy between 9-15. In this case, there will be a sign that hangs on the wall at the spa.

From the 25th of October to the 17th of March the spa is open from 9-19:00.

 If you feel like giving yourself a treat it is possible
to buy fruit and champagne dkr. 85,- and have it served by the spapool.


The sauna is located right at the end of the pool and can be used freely BY OUR OVERNIGHTING GUESTS.


9-19:00 from 25 October - 17 March

9-21:00 from 18 March - 24 October 

You must turn on the sauna yourself. Be aware that it takes 
about 45 minutes to warm it up if it is completely cold when you turn it on.
If you want to visit family / friends staying at the site or would just like
to use these facilities, you must pay the following:

Swimming pool                 DKK 30

Sauna + Spa                       DKK 40

3 in one                               DKK 60