The service building



  • On the site you will find one service building with men’s /ladies’ bathroom on one side of the building and toilets on the other side. Here there are also 2 family rooms, baby change room and a handicap toilet/bathroom. In order to use the family rooms, baby room and handicap toilet, place a deposit of DKK 200 when you receive the key at reception. This way, you are also assured that the rooms are not occupied by guests who have no need for these special facilities. 


  • The service building has really good kitchen facilities with 2 separate ovens If you want to grill your dinner, you are welcome to use the grills right outside. Here you will also find laundry facilities, running water (closed in winter) and tables / benches.


  • At the end of the service building there is a partially enclosed area with small containers for normal kitchen waste, glass bottles and jam jars, cardboard and paper. Remember to sort your rubbish and place it in the appropriate containers.


  • If you need to wash your clothes, our laundry with washers and dryers are also found in the service building. Use of these costs DKK 30 per washing / drying load. There is no change machine, so come down to the front desk for coins. 


  • The service building’s various facilities are cleaned every day. If one of the rooms is being cleaned, please use facilities elsewhere on the campground while the cleaning staff is there.