Your dog is very welcome to Holbaek Fjord Camping & Wellness. If you come in your own caravan, there is a extra fee dkr. 25,- per day per dog. If you have rented a camping cabin or a caravan, it costs DKK 30 per dog per day.

There are some rules which we ask you to be aware of: Dogs must be led on a short leash while on the campground. Defecating must be done off-site, and it is not allowed to let dogs pee just outside a tent’s entrance. Dog waste bags are found hanging in several places on the campground and MUST be used if an accident occurs. Inside the cabins, dogs are not to sit on the furniture / beds, and they may not be left alone in the cabin.


The nature around the campsite offers plenty of opportunities for walking the dog. In Holbæk’s surroundings, there are three fenced dog parks that can be freely used. 



Kastanielunden hundeskov

Adresse: Holbækvej 108, 4340 Tollose

GPS: 55.6232284,  11.6005930


Bognæs Skov

Adresse: Tornehagen 55, 4300 Holbæk

GPS: 55.7465960,  11.7626890


Tølløse Hundeskov

Adresse: Dyrehavevej 39, 4340 Tollose, Den..

GPS: 55.5954350,  11.7431797