Cycling and walking

In the area around Holbaek Fjord there are a myriad of opportunities for walking and cycling
that can offer you some unique nature experiences.

Many of the trips work well both as hiking and cycling tours, but please be aware that most forests are privately owned and that you are only allowed to cycle on major trails suitable for bicycles, and please respect the posted signs

Here we offer you some inspiration for various tours that we think are particularly special. You can get additional maps in the reception.

  • Shorter trips (3-23 km)
  1. Along the fjord to Tuse Naes 10 Km
  2. Around Tusenæs (23 km)
  3. Dragerup forest (9 Km)
  4. Knutskoven (17 km)
  5. Co-operative village (5 Km)
  6. Golf club (3 Km)

  7. Orø circuit (40 km)

  8. HFC - Munkholm Bridge - HFC (16-38 km)

  • Sunset Tours

If you want a beautiful evening stroll, it is possible to experience the most beautiful sunsets at the Golf Course (see trip 6) of at Ryegård Deer Park or the “Zealand Alps" beside the Brorfelde Observatory south of Holbaek.

  • Other wonderful nature experiences

We also highly recommend the “Zealand Alps", which mainly consists of Igelsø, Maglesø and Brorfelde south of Holbaek or a trip to Odrherred, where the unique glacial landscape in the Geopark Odsherred along the west coast of Odsherred is particularly beautiful. 


If you don’t have your own bike along, you can rent a bike at the campground. See prices here