Attractions in Holbaek and surrounding area



  • A few kilometres from the campsite, you will find the Andelslandsbyen Nyvang (Co-operativ Village Nyvang), a living cultural history from the period 1870-1950, where the co-operative movement had its greatest impact. Many exciting activities for both children and adults throughout the season. You can get free admission if you bring your gate card 



Holbæk Klatrepark

  • In the middle of Holbaek city, in Torben Lund Forest, you can climb high and get an exciting rush. Holbæk klatrepark(Holbaek climbing park) has 4 climbing courses high up in the treetops with zip lines, Tarzan-swings and much more. The climbing courses are both for children and adults - experienced or beginner. A really exciting place if you want to be active in your holidays and are not afraid of heights, getting an adrenaline kick along the way as you challenge yourself when you "climb" through the courses.



  • Holbæk Go-Kart Land is one of the largest and finest motorsports facilities with a challenging outdoor track of approximately 1200 meters. Here you have the opportunity to race against your neighbour, sister, brother or whoever else you want to compete against. It gets real fast when you first put the gas pedal to the floor. There’s also a mini-golf course where you can play for free when you show your gate card from the campground. 


smukke gamle huse i Holbæk

  • If you read the Museum of West Zealand’s website, you will find the following:Holbaek Museum consists of 11 old buildings from the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s and a pilot boat. This is unique in Denmark, that here in the midst of a market town’s old centre an entire complex is preserved, where all of the buildings are found in their original location, except the merchant's house that was moved to the museum in 1937. You can get 50% discount on the entrance fee if you show your gate card.


Sagnlandet Lejre

  • The Viking marketplace Ravnebjerg introduces Sagnlandet Lejrethe Land of Legends’ Lejres). Vikings to you in a courtly manner, and lets you see everyday life as it might have looked a little over 1,000 years ago. Meet the blacksmith at the forge, look inside tents and peer down into chests, or plug your nose at the scent of the stew that is simmering over the fire - if you are lucky you will maybe be offered a taste. Remember that there is a 33% discount on entry by receiving a discount ticket at the campground reception


  • Sommerland Sjælland(Funpark) is an amusement park in Odsherred, which primarily caters to families with children up to 13 years old. Here there are plenty of rides ranging from the calm and tranquil carousel to the speedy roller coaster that will definitely put butterflies in your stomach. The park also has Zealand’s largest waterpark, the Blue Lagoon, where there is something for all ages: from the quiet children's pool to the wild water slide where you can get some serious speed. When purchasing tickets at the campground reception you can get a discount on the entrance fee